Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Vacations

While we are very happy to finally be reunited with Jason's camera, we unfortunately don't have any pictures of our wonderful travels over the past several weeks. And so instead, I thought I would post some pictures of another great vacation: namely when Uncle Justin and Aunt Brianna came to France to visit us in June.

People often ask if we miss France. The truth is that while we do, we've generally been too busy to think much about it. Looking at these pictures, however, definitely starts my heart strings longing.

Here's a photo of the Rose Garden in the Parc TĂȘte d’Or. Of all the great hangouts in Lyon, I miss this park the most.

Brianna and Talia catch some sun.... Cool shades!

Savoring a warm "gaufre" requires a great deal of intense concentration.

Both of our girls seem to have mastered the art of savoring Lyon's finest gastronomic pleasures.

One morning we caught a train and explored the medieval town of Perouges, about 30 minutes outside of Lyon.

Here are Justin and Brianna at one of the scenic overlooks.

And, here are 4 3/4 members of the Wheeler family.

While quite small, the town itself was beautiful.

Even photographers need a chance to be in the picture.

Always prepared, Aunt Brianna helps the girls with some hand sanitizer before lunch.

I don't covet much in life, but someday I would love to have a window like this one!

Of course, the girls' favorite part of the day was feeding the friendly horses in the surrounding area. Here's Brooklyn and a colt.

Talia watches intently from the security of Brianna's arms.

The colt was so friendly that even I couldn't resist taking a turn.

At the end of the day, however, we were definitely worn out!
Last but not least, here are a few final pics of Justin and Brianna exploring the best of Lyon: the ancient Roman ruins...

"Vieux Lyon" or the old town, guarded by the Fourviere cathedral...

And of course, the "traboules" or hidden passages used anciently by silk traders.

Every Romeo wandering the "traboules" is enhanced by the discovery of his Juliet.

Aww, how cute!

J & B, thanks for coming to visit us as part of your great vacation. We felt so lucky to have you come. It's still hard for us to believe that every single person in our immediate families made it over to France to visit us. Our experience was certainly enhanced by the chance to share it with so many. While Champaign-Urbana may not hold exactly the same tourist appeal, visitors are still welcome. :)

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Susie said...

Thanks for the picture journey AND the opportunity for us all to come and share your life with you!