Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Picture Day

This past Monday afternoon was supposed to be school picture day. While Brooklyn doesn't usually attend school in the afternoon, Jason and I were both eager to send her so that she could have a memento of her education in France.

Unfortunately, Brooklyn was not as keen on the idea. You see, a while back we explained that if she went to school in the mornings without complaining, she wouldn't have to attend in the afternoon. (While Brooklyn adores morning class, the afternoons are terrifying because they involve a nap without a binky.)

Well, after much discussion, reasoning, logic, and even bribery, Brooklyn won the battle. We'd promised and we had to keep our word. And so, we went for plan two: we dolled her up and took some pictures in order to photoshop her in after the fact. I thought they turned out kind of cute, so I'm sharing:

By the way, Brooklyn came home from school on Tuesday and said that she'd had her picture taken after all. Apparently the photographer couldn't make it on Monday. I guess all's well that ends well--I just wish I'd washed the jam off of her face.


chou said...

That dress is so cute on Brooklyn! I love Talia's tongue out at the camera. Cheeky little one. :)

ben said...

I think Talia's pretty funny in that picture too. Good silly contrast :)

Heather said...

She is absolutley adorable - Talia is too cute for words as well!