Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Human Side of Teaching

While walking home from school yesterday, Brooklyn saw one of her teachers carrying a bag with two big baguettes. She looks at me and asks, "Why is she carrying those?" "Because she's going home to have lunch," I respond. Brooklyn stops, her eyes wide with astonishment--"Corinne has a house?" She then proceeded to ask me about all of her other teachers and whether or not they have houses as well.

It's always such a shocking realization to discover that teachers are real people too who need bodily nourishment and a place to reside. I remember as a child always thinking that my teacher slept in the janitorial closet.


Tanja said...

Sometimes I have the feeling - that it wouldn't make a difference if I would live in the janitorial closet or at my 2-bedroom apartment - as long as the closet also has a computer and I can work on the lessons for "tomorrow".
There seem to be too many tomorrows as a teacher ... and never enough "todays". (14 hours at the computer last Saturday ... and it doesn't look like that this week will be different :)

Summer said...

I have missed out on reading your blog with my lack of free time. I love your comments and thoughts. Always something to smile about.

chou said...

We had a lot of that in Chicago. I'd run into co-workers/profs in the Co-op all the time. Ack! Outside of work/school! What to do? ;)

Bruce Richards said...

It is true. Teachers do have lives. Even students in junior high don't think that. I'm sure they think I sleep at school (sometimes I feel like I do too.)

Kristin said...

Awesome...we STILL haven't convinced our three year old that her preschool teacher has a house.