Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blessing Anders Rhys

Blogging isn't that fun right now.

Don't get me wrong.  Life is fun, and I dearly want to remember all the great moments I blog about.  Still, the task can be overwhelming, plus I messed up the settings so that these posts no longer show up on my friends' blog rolls.  Not that many people were looking, but even so.  (Hoping I fixed it.)

While blogger stats suggest that what I write isn't very significant (my last post generated one thoughtful "Anonymous" comment and 0 pageviews), it helps to remember what this blog is all about: family.  And family matters.

Speaking of family, in mid-April we had a fantastic Andrus/Wheeler/Wilhoit/Wells reunion.  We met up in Omaha from coast to coast.  Alesia flew in from New York while Callie and Adam bravely flew from Washington with Eila, Anders, and Zoe.  :)  As for our crew, we drove.  The fun began at Mahoney State Park with some excellent playtime and a picnic.

Meet the Cuz.  Alesia: She's the pretty petite blonde riding the merry-go-round who blends right in with the rest of the family.  A dedicated first-grade teacher in Queens, I'm so amazed that she would give up her spring break to spend time with our crazy crew.  Thank you for coming!

Brooklyn: While it's hard for me to admit, this beautiful gal has definitely grown up.

Talia: Right side up.

Upside-down.  Eila seems interested in knowing what that's all about.

Eli: Happily doing his own thing.

Annika: Bonding with her Papa Kay (and probably begging for Pony Girl and Trot Trot to Boston.)

Eila: Uncle Jason is delighted to have a frisbee companion.

Always on the go!

And the star of the show: Anders.  In the words of Chrysanthemum, this two month-old is "priceless and precious and fascinating and winsome."  

I simply couldn't get enough.

Anders really was the main reason we all gathered.  On Sunday, April ninth, he was blessed in his grandparents' home.  But first, we got all gussied up and headed to church.

Alesia and Anders.  (I just looked it up, and they are technically first cousins once removed.)

A sister pic of Callie and I.

Meanwhile, Adam got stuck with a baby carrier full of heavy quads.

And the littles, all looking adorable in the coordinating outfits NomiAnn and Papa Kay provided.  The gorgeous hairstyles are courtesy of Alesia.

Annika Mae, looking suprisingly prim and proper.

Cousin shot, take one.  (Actually, it's probably take number 22, but this is the best we got.)

A different angle.

Hop in, Lesha!

Now for the boys in their coordinating vests.

Back at home, Anders seemed quite content to hang out in his bouncy chair.

Not for long!  Here he is getting changed into the baby blessing outfit Eli wore.

Beautiful mama.

Beautiful babe.

The girls.  From left to right we have Eila, Callie, Cathy, Talia, Alesia, Annika, Brooklyn, and Kara.

The boys: Jason, Adam, Anders, Eli, and Kay.  Still outnumbered, but a growing contingent.  If you look really closely, you can see Jason blocking Eila who didn't want to leave her Daddy's side.

Getting a picture of all the grandkids was tricksy.

Say pug!

And an everybody shot (minus Alesia, our photographer.)

Papa Kay in his happy place.

Callie and Adam, thank you so much for sharing this special day and your beautiful family with us! We are so grateful to have been a small part of welcoming Anders Rhys Wilhoit to this world.  He may be tiny, but he's already had a giant impact on our hearts.

We love you!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories! I look forward to holding Anders again in 2.5 weeks!

Jason said...

..."Annika Mae, looking suprisingly prim and proper."

By far my favorite quote of the day! Thank you Kara, for keeping this incredible record.

League of tips said...
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Susie said...

I think Anders and Eli have some similar facial features. Lovely pictures of family togetherness! You'll never regret having done these blog posts. Awesome memories that can be lost otherwise! (Speaking from my own experience!)

Callie said...

I'm a horrible commenter because I always want to leave something profound- which pretty much means I never comment on your amazing posts...but know that we love them and you all so much. We can't wait to see you again soon. Thank you for the memories of April. With one week to go of the year, it's awesome to look back on happy, carefree trips.