Friday, June 30, 2017

Our Omaha Easter

Easter was the grand finale for our Omaha spring vacation.  Naturally we dyed eggs the night before.  I have such fond memories of coloring eggs with my father growing up.  Now he's passing the Paas tradition on to the grandchildren.

So pretty!

Talia too.

The kids were delighted that the Easter bunny found them all the way in Omaha.

Their OCD sorting tendencies definitely come from me.

One of the best parts about celebrating Easter in Omaha is the backyard egg hunt.  Even the blossoms on the trees joined in the festivities.

Looks like a critter got to this egg first!  Several eggs were lost to the sugar-loving birds and squirrels.

After church, it was time for the obligatory Easter Sunday photos.  Thank you NomiAnn and Papa Kay for the adorable coordinating outfits!

A photo with our favorite Uncle Lance.

Aaannd, Annie's done.

Easter dinner was amazing!

I'm drooling just at the memory.  And yes, I do recognize in the irony in eating ham as we remember our Jewish Lord.  But yum!

Hats off to our hosts.

Before we knew it, it was time to take down the smiley face grandchildren's flag and start the long drive back to Salt Lake.

A sad moment, but an absolutely wonderful week.
Papa Kay and NomiAnn, thank you for making us all so welcome.  Thinking of Easter, I imagine the Savior would feel glad to have us celebrate this most holy of days by being together as family.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to again flying the Smiley Face Flag when some grandchildren return for an Omaha visit later this month. All is well!