Wednesday, February 01, 2017

RSBC 2017: Under Pressure

Okay folks, so Christy came up with a brilliant theme for Run Swim Bike Cook 2017: Under Pressure.  As in, we're cooking with a pressure cooker.  Read all about it here.

Even without a pressure cooker, the theme is quite apropos.  I have so much to say, but it's getting harder and harder to find a spare moment.  Life here is SO BUSY!  Wish I had a moment to tell you about it, but I don't. :)  Instead, let me just say that the more pressure I feel, the more important it is for me to exercise and eat well.  So even though I have no idea how I will squeeze it all in, I am truly excited to embark on Run Swim Bike Cook once more.

Christy's post has all the details, but just as a quick reminder, during February we are doing the equivalent of an Ironman triathlon (Run 26.2 Swim 2.4 Bike 112) plus a weekly cooking challenge.  This week's cooking challenge is to prepare some kind of beans in a pressure cooker.  I'm thrilled to learn how to use a pressure cooker,  but I need your advice.  I don't own a pressure cooker--any suggestions on what kind to acquire?  I'm always looking to save a buck, but my mom reminded me that a thrift store acquisition could be dangerous if damaged.  Should I splurge on one of the electric programmable ones?  I'd love any input.

One last word--feel free to modify RSBC to any level that works for you.  We want whoever is interested to participate at a level that challenges appropriately.  A bit of pressure can bring out our best, but too much can leave us squooshed.

Happy cooking all!

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