Saturday, January 28, 2017

Community Explorations

Oh my goodness, it feels like these pictures were taken forever ago!  Shorts and t-shirts--quite the contrast from our snowy present of boots and knit hats.  In actuality, these photos are just remnants of November.  Autumn 2016 lingered delightfully.  I remember swapping out the summer clothes just days before Thanksgiving.  Much has changed since then!

During the month of November, we checked out a library pass that let us visit some local attractions for free.  Here is Eli enjoying the changing leaves at Red Butte Gardens.

 What an adorable spot for a picnic!

One sad moment--Annika slipped and bit right through the inside of her mouth.

Quite the tough cookie, she insisted that she wanted to stay and keep playing--as long as she got to hold the animal crackers.

Gardens are the perfect place for a new perspective.

Our community exploration card also let us into Discovery Gateway, our local children's museum.  Here are Brooklyn and Eli lifting blocks...

...and their little sis.

The Lego racecars were a definite hit... was the helicopter landing pad on the roof.

While I don't have pictures, the Community Exploration Card also granted us access to the Museum of Natural History and the Leonardo.  Great news is that we won't have to wait until next November to visit again.  Over Christmas, generous family members gifted us with memberships to most of these fun places.  Thank you!

Speaking of fun places, Talia was under the weather one day in November, so we skipped school and headed to the Tracy Aviary instead.

Not every gal gets to feed an emu!

Some other pretty amazing birds.

And now this ol' bird ought to head to bed!

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