Thursday, February 16, 2017

Galaxy Slime

A fun post for the day: Galaxy Slime!  I know we shared this glop with you on Talia's birthday, but it was so much fun that we pulled it out again with preschool.  Turns out that it keeps remarkably well and is just as much fun after a month as on the day it was made.

Some of the slime was a little sticky, so we added more liquid starch until the consistency was back to where we wanted it.

The picture of four year-old delight.

One of my favorite parts about teaching preschool is that it motivates me to be courageous and make a mess.

A born sniffer, Annika naturally started out by smelling her slime.  Perhaps I should be concerned?  The main ingredient is, after all, glue.

What a handful!

After a bit of experimentation, we figured out how to blow expert bubbles.

When the big kids got home from school, they got a chance to play as well.

Talia's taking the mustache craze to an all new extreme.

Pop!  What a sticky mess.

Talia, you're one of a kind.  Thanks for introducing our family to Galaxy Slime!

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Susie said...

So fun!