Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No Boredom November

Jason's currently upstairs working on electrical from a crawl space that he likens to a birth canal.  Every once in a while he calls down and asks me to bring him up something like a screwdriver or utility knife.  Seems like the least I can do.  In the meantime, I might as well try to get more current on the blog.

Still slogging through November...a tough month to chronicle because we had so much fun!  Here are some pics of the kids' adventures from deep inside our O Street basement.  This K'nex contraption was impressive, especially since it was constructed without adult supervision.

Here's Annika riding her horse.

Yeah, hittin' the trail always wears me out too.

Of course, for Jason and I, hitting the trail generally means hiking.  Here we are up Big Cottonwood Canyon on Veteran's Day.  (Daddy was the horse this time.)

We were blessed with some great family visits in November as well.  Susie and Charles came down from Logan to share the weekend with us.  The weather was mild enough to eat outside.

Brooklyn decided that the hot tub was the perfect perch for reading and rays.

As is typical, we dragged our company into the mountains.  (Not that billy goats Charles and Susie are difficult to convince.)  Here we are up Porter Fork in Millcreek Canyon.

Closer to home, we enjoyed playing at the park (which is even closer to our new house)...

...and running up Memory Grove into City Creek canyon.

This picture reminds me a bit of the acrylic Jason is working on.

Back to City Creek, the last time we hiked up there the older kids hid Craisins along the path for Annika to find, just like Papa Kay would hid Tic Tacs.

On the domestic front, we made our very first batch of meat pies!

Impressive as our pies were, Christy's home-baked bread knocks your socks off.

We were so glad Aunt Christy would spend a few days playing with us (especially the fun part where she filmed Jello commentaries in our living room.)

Annie especially liked her boots.

For me, one final highlight of November was discovering beautiful Bonneville Shoreline Trail, all within running distance from our house.

Our fashionista Talia had quite a bit of rainbow fun with the hair chalk.  While I'm glad it's not permanent, she pulls off the color remarkably well.

I'll let our pictures say the rest.

At the end of the month, winter finally decided to arrive in all of its snowy glory.

We pulled out the snowsuits, and the kids have been building snowforts ever since.

There.  At last, we have matched the season. And at last, the wiring is done, so I bid you all a good night.

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