Sunday, September 25, 2016


For years, my New Year's resolutions have included a goal to complete a triathlon.  For years, I've shrugged my shoulders come December 31st and said, maybe next year.  Well, this year I actually did it.  Even though I'd been eyeing this race, the TriathaMom, for months, I finally worked up the courage to register about five days before the event.  Somehow it felt like a fresh start for our Utah adventure.

Getting out of bed at 4:00 am for the drive down to Riverton was the worst.  While I had no idea what to expect,  I knew I was undertrained.  In fact, Jason and Charles had stayed up super late the night before to help me get my bike in working order.  A bike, mind you, that I hadn't ridden for fifteen years.  No wonder I was nervous!

I found my way to registration for body marking and got my bike all set up in the transition area.  As the sun began to break over the mountains, I felt calmed by the beauty of it all.

My little Schwinn has a frame so small that neither wheel reached the ground when hung.  Even so, it was great to use a road bike instead of my mountain bike. 

I thought the T-shirts were pretty cute.  The Run Bike Swim reminded me that seven years of RBSC have to count for something, so maybe I was more prepared than I realized.

The pool was lovely in the morning calm.  Swimmers started every five seconds from each side, swimming up and down each lane toward the center where they climbed out and ran to the transition area.  It got a bit clogged, but I didn't mind.  In general, I liked the triathamom because while it was certainly a "real" triathlon (300 meter swim, 12 mile bike, and 5K run), it was likewise a supportive and non-competitive environment for women of all abilities.

Here are Brooklyn and Grandma Susie waiting to see if I make it through alive.

Here I come, munchkins by my side.  Overall, the event went really well.  I must say, I was delighted to see the finish line.  Even though I have done plenty of 5Ks, it was extremely challenging to complete on tired legs. 

High fives for everybody!

Victory!  I love how every competitor is a winner.

TriathaMom goes out of its way to make the event fun for the entire family.  While the women are out on the course, they set up a fair with free bounce houses, face painting, and cotton candy for the kids. 

A close-up of Talia's cute face painting.

Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles came along to cheer me as well.  I felt so loved!

Proof that I finished.  While I have nowhere near enough experience with Sprint triathlons to judge these times (I suspect they are fairly average), I felt mighty proud. 
Thanks to everyone for supporting me in this last minute, crazy dream.  I learned that triathlons aren't nearly as scary as I thought and hope to participate again.  In fact, Brooklyn's even talking about doing it with me next time.

Last but not least, here are a few pictures of us playing at the park afterward.

Just in case you were wondering who the real athlete in the family is.
Love you, Peanut Butter!


Crys said...

Look super fun! Great job Bridget!

Crys said...

Haha I meant to say Kara...I was just on my friend Bridget's blog and you guys are so similar in likes...haha! One of these days when I come down to Utah I want to stop and see you guys! Can't believe how much all the kids have grown.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and "way to go" TirathaMom! You are an inspiration and a great example for your family and beyond.