Tuesday, September 13, 2016

String Sprouts

String Sprouts!  I know these photos are separated by many days and many miles, but I lost track of them for a while and wanted to get them posted before they are even farther out of sequence.  During his kindergarten year, Eli participated in Violin Sprouts at the Kroc center.  Here they are at their final Sprouting Up ceremony.

Their teacher was Ms. Grazzia Sagastume, and their helper was Ms. Tory.  Miss them already!

Here we have Eli and Ms. Tory at the Baxter Arena where their final concert with the Symphony was held.  Isn't Tory adorable?

Love this class.

My favorite moment came when Eli and his friend spontaneously started playing duets.  Musical magic.

It was a sad day when we had to return Eli's violin to OCM.  On the positive side, the Magna-tiles and matchbox cars came with us.

Plus, rumor has it that Eli received a 1/8th violin as an early birthday present.  Now to just figure out a teacher...

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