Tuesday, February 09, 2016

RSBC 2016: Week 2 Challenge

Hey folks,

Gotta get the munchkins up and ready for school, but I wanted to quickly share Week 2's Culinary Challenge since fermentation takes, well, time.  This week I challenge you to unite two good things: healthy bacteria and healthy vegetables.  Pickle some cukes, make your own kraut, or dive into the spicy world of kim chi.  Whatever you do, clear a small space on your counter and prepare to be amazed by the transformation that can occur in just a matter of days.

Good luck!  Also, don't forget to send a week 1 update to christy DOT spackman AT gmail DOT com by Wednesday at midnight so she can compile a fun recap of last week's adventure with yeast.  (I felt totally exotic as I made my poolish, did you?)

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