Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sunny Days

It's a winter wonderland outside right now. Another skiff of snow awaiting to be shoveled--just never enough at the right time for the kids to get a snow day.  When it comes to accumulation, I guess the east coasters are the ones who know how to do a storm right.

Before digging into the winter holidays though, let me backtrack and grab a few photos that got passed over during Fall.  A glimpse of the sun, even in photos, goes a long way to warm my soul.
Here's Annika playing with some new friends at the town square in Red Oak, Iowa.
Talia, knocking on doors as she went from house to house to help Brooklyn sell coupon books for her upcoming trip to Washington DC.  The girls quickly figured out that they could sell more if they each took one side of the street.
A glimpse of our own home, glowing in the afternoon sun.
Brooklyn, Talia, and Eli, all checking out the exercise stations at Elmwood Park.

These two are the best of friends.  Brooklyn is exceptionally patient and kind with our Annie.

Back at NomiAnn's house, Annika tries out a new swing the kids concocted out of some dental floss and a hanger.  Good thing she's a featherweight!

Here's Brooklyn at the new Superhero exhibit at the Omaha Children's Museum.

Downstairs, Annika loves playing with the balls.

As long as we're on the subject of Annie, she dominates our phone photo albums because she's constantly begging us to "Take a picture!  Take a picture!"  Here she is dressed up as Snow White.  This one always makes me chuckle because I remember how attached Eli was to this same costume.

She also loves to strip and get into her "swim soup."  I've actually had to hide all of the swim suits on a top shelf because I got so tired of redressing her all day long.  Personally, I think she rocks the goggles.
Last but not least, Annika's signature pose.  Pretty sure this photo inspired Jason's Christmas card cartoon.

Okay, brrrrrr.  While pictures of sunny days make me warm, just the sight of all that bare flesh is enough to give me goosebumps.  Time to bundle up and enjoy the snow.

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