Friday, January 15, 2016

Brooklyn: Lovin' 'leven

Let's see, it's January 15th.  That means that our very own BMW (Brooklyn McCall Wheeler) has been eleven for nearly a month.  Time to record the celebration!

While our happy lasagna dinner, complete with smiles from NomiAnn and Papa Kay, may look like perfection, it certainly didn't begin that way!  When I went to take dinner out of the oven, the tray folded, sending sauce flying everywhere.

Even though we were hungry, we certainly weren't desperate enough to scrape the fallen morsels off the oven door.  We had enough to dish up modest portions, but it still seemed like the lasagna should have fed more.  I couldn't figure out what had happened to the rest of the meal until I opened the bottom oven drawer.  Surprise!  Okay, so that surprise may not have been so happy, but I have a remarkable husband who did an amazing job cleaning out the oven until it gleamed, and that is awesome.

After dinner, Brooklyn had to follow the string maze her siblings created in order to find her presents. 

The yarn wound up two flights of stairs...

...before taking her back down three flights to the packages waiting in the basement.  Check out her beautiful necklace (thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Wheeler) and stylish new earmuffs (thanks to chilly Nebraska winters.)

Talia, of course, was her usual goofball self, trying hard to steal the show.  Looks like all the stretching in gymnastics has been paying off.

I guess Deseret Book has its own papal authority.
All in all, I think Brooklyn was quite tickled by her birthday loot.  While she received her main gift from NomiAnn and Papa Kay a while ago (a beginning student cello so she won't have to lug a school instrument on and off the bus anymore), she still received some cello books, a couple gift cards, a Harry Potter T-shirt, Pandemic, and more.  Guess being a tween isn't so bad after all!

Thanks heavens the birthday cake turned out better than the lasagna.

This carrot cake is quite literally to die for.  Eat it more than once every couple years and you very well might keel over.  Tasty, but oh-so-decadent.

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  Every once in a while I wish I could turn back the clock and erase a 1 from that cake, just to cradle you once more.  But then I remember how beautiful and confident you grow each day, and wouldn't change a thing.

For Brooklyn's special birthday activity, she  requested that the entire family take a trip to the Lincoln Children's Museum.  I love how even at eleven, her idea of a great time involves siblings and a whole lot of creative play.  Plus, where else could we measure her achievements in hard hats and dump truck tires?

27,669=Talia's weight in nails.  Whodathunk?

Eli supervises with his gap-toothed smile...

 ...while Santa Jason sketches.

We may have a large family, but this mega-chair is definitely larger.

 Last but not least, an original production starring King Eli knighting our valiant Brooklyn.

Annika, of course, was either a dragon or anachronistic dinosaur--you decide.

Brooklyn, while I add a few positive words to your birthday posts every year, I want you to know that this year your Dad and I are particularly proud of your tremendous growth, both inside and out.  Not only are you nearly as tall as your mama, but you've grow in love and generosity.   We are so proud of the tremendous effort you are putting into school as a fifth grader.  Your projects have been innovative and creative, whether crafting pheasant traps out of rubber cement or starring in how-to-make-no-bake-cookies videos.  You've shown determination and stick-to-it-ive-ness through some really challenging tasks, like reading Animals in Translation, or more recently, learning how to butterfly in swim lessons.  You've shown patience and kindness toward your siblings in moments when it would have been easy to be frustrated and angry.  Even more, in moments when you've messed up (like we all do), you've had the maturity to say I'm Sorry.  We know you have a busy schedule with lots on your plate, and we appreciate the focus and priority you place on God and family.  We love you Brooklyn, and will always be here for you.  Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kara,
All of your blog posts are wonderful, but a few are so extraordinary that they leave me speechless, and a bit tearful. This is such a post. I have nothing to add, other than I fully concur with what you write and that I remain so grateful for family and faith. You've just served up an amusing, heartwarming, and profound slice of heaven on earth. Thank You -- and a continued Happy Birthday to you Brooklyn (aka Buttermilk)!

Susie said...

:) Sending hugs and love your way!

Callie said...

Embarking on another long day of school, thinking about what sort of teacher I'd want for our amazing Brooklyn (and all the Wheeler kiddos) will keep me inspired to keep pushing and never just settle for average. Brooklyn, you are exceed the ordinary - and that's among the biggest compliments you can receive. You are so loved!