Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year!

(Cartoon courtesy of Jason.)
Hope everyone had a wonderful 2015, and warmest wishes for 2016!


Crys said...

This is adorable and I feel your pain ;)

Erin said...

I'm so with you on keeping up with the youngest. Happy new year:)

Susie said...

Love it! Happy New Year to you guys! It will be fun to see what this year's drawings will include! Ha😄,

Anonymous said...

Although I'm anonymous, I happen to know that the terrific cartoon sketch created by Jason Wayne Wheeler is both original and authentic. The home, rooms, and appliances included in the various frames look like "the real thing". Without a doubt, Jason is a very talented artist as well as an excellent architect and exceptional father / husband.

Furthermore, the underlying theme of "watching Annika" cannot be overemphasized either graphically, or in words. Annie, is a joy, but monitoring her movements, requests, moods, and related activities is a full-time job for ANY able-bodied adult. Annie is active, fast, curious, determined, strong, loveable, daring an excellent climber, and a good problem solver for her age. She is capable of deflating censure with her coyness, hugs, and smiles. About the only way I can catch her, if I'm in a hurry, is by bribing her with tic-tacs. But hey, I'm anonymous ... so don't blame her Omaha grandpa for using this questionable incentive.