Thursday, October 01, 2015

With Love from Utah

October is here, and I am overdue in posting these lovely pictures from Grandma Susie's September visit. Forgive me if the text is brief--we had more fun than I'd be able to write about, even if I tried. Just know that we are always grateful for her love from afar, and ecstatic when we get to enjoy her gorgeous smile in person.

Hugs at the airport!  After watching her airplane land, we ran to the terminal to get as close to the gate as security would allow.
From the airport, we headed straight to Midtown Crossing for a picnic dinner...
...and an evening performance from Opera Omaha.  Fun!
Early the next morning it was race time for Talia and I.  Grandma Susie met us at the starting line...
...and cheered us all the way through the course.  You can see her awesome enthusiasm as she cheers us on in this picture.
I know I've already blogged about the race in detail, but I just had to share a few more pictures that I found.  After all, Talia just looks like she's having so much FUN!

Brooklyn was a great cheerleader too, even dressing all matchy-matchy in support.
Home stretch!
Talia surrounded by her adoring fans.
Following the race, we took an hour's drive to Northboro, Iowa to see the place where Jason's great-great-grandpa John Harvey Wheeler was buried.  I almost posted an awesome family tree to give a bit more visual context to who we're talking about, but decided it disclosed too much personal information.  (Maternal grandmother's first-name anyone?)  But just in case you are reading this Brittney, I thought it interesting that John Harvey Wheeler was married to Emma Eliza Richards.
Please correct me if I'm wrong Susie, but I believe it was John Harvey Wheeler who fought in the civil war during his late teens/early twenties.
It's neat to think about how our family has returned to these Midwestern roots after many generations.
Talia also found it a beautiful place to take a much-deserved rest.
Back in Omaha, we further explored Omaha's pioneer roots by taking a stroll through Pioneer Park.
If Talia was at all tired from the previous day's race, you certainly couldn't tell from her climbing!
Currently in the midst of a balloon-fetish, Annika refused to let go of her supply the entire time we were there.
Beauty in all stages.
Modern-day prairie grass.

Look really closely and you might be able to spot Annika.

Talia's a bit easier to spy.

I know I'm a bit biased, but Omaha really is a gem of a city.

Since Grandma visit was a particularly special occasion, we allowed each of the kids to play hooky for a day of school.  On Eli's special day, we went to Fontanelle Forest.

Susie and Eli skipped hand-in-hand all the way down the boardwalk.  Cutest thing ever!  Later that afternoon, Susie, Eli, and Jason all went for a bike ride on the Wabash Trace.   On the following day,
On Talia and Brooklyn's special day, we went to the Winter Quarters Temple to see the quilt exhibit and visit the grounds before heading to the zoo to ride the skyfari.  So why is this the only picture I have from the day?  (Not that I'm not delighted to have a photo with you, Susie--I surely am.)

Our most favorite time was spent relaxing at home...

opening presents on Eli's birthday eve...
...and feasting on the most delectable birthday peach pie ever.
Thanks again for the visit, Grandma Susie!  We love you.

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