Thursday, September 17, 2015


When school started back up, I worried that I wouldn't have any play time left with the kids. Even though our schedules are busy (and getting busier), we somehow manage to squeeze in plenty of fun.

Here's Annika shopping in the newly remodeled supermarket section of our Children's Museum.

Fresh fruits and veggies--the real way to taste the rainbow.

Of course, in the science center you can make a rainbow of your own.

We had so much fun that we came back in the evening with the big kids, plus the grandparents.  This time, we took over the pizza parlor. 

Talia's getting ready for some cake baking.

 Jason and Eli naturally gravitated upstairs to the lego exhibit.

Of course, our girls are pretty great builders too.  At least most of them.  For the moment, Annika remains most adept at knocking things down.

This odd picture comes from a "Let it Bleed" blood drive where Annika tagged along.  I was expecting more of a Disney "Frozen" theme as opposed to heavy metal.  Let's just hope she doesn't get used to wearing so many chains.

One of the best parts of having Sunday morning church is that it leaves the afternoons open.  Here we all are on a family bike ride along the Wabash trace.

The kids thought they were going to die...but they didn't.

Besides, if they hadn't biked ten miles, they never would have gotten to hold the fuzzy little caterpillar.

Following our ride, we let them recover at Lake Manawa's Dream Park.  Here's the monkey!

Brooklyn, pausing for a cracker break.

Playing Hide-n-Go-Seek.

Annie in her pretty little dress.

On a different morning, Annika and I explored the botanical gardens. 

The gardens currently have a great display of wildlife sculptures by Dan Ostermilller.

Even better, there was a Lithuanian woodcarver sculpting this depiction of Egle, the mythical queen of serpents.  So much fun to learn about this folktale and think about the real-life Egle we know!

Annika loves the trains nearly as much as Eli.

Personally, I am most intrigued by the organic recreations of Omaha's cityscape.  This is the Rose theater, where we often see children's productions.

Gotta love how the trolley pauses right in front of Central!

They even have our neighborhood silos represented.

Lauritzen Gardens was such a success that Annika and I brought the whole extended family back shortly thereafter for a picnic and an evening concert. The kids thought the music was great, but the bubbles were even greater.

You can always tell when Jason's behind the camera lens.  Stunning!

Later that week we found ourselves at the downtown slides for Activity Days (a youth program through our church for girls aged 8-11).  Talia's in the front, followed by Eva and their leader, Jen Norlund.

Eli made fast friends with two adorable little boys.  They hung out like the three amigos, sliding side by side for the rest of the evening.

Pausing for a lesson on friendship and kindness.  Gotta love how Eli hopped right in like one of the gals.

Once everyone went home, we stayed a bit longer to enjoy the beautiful evening.  (True confession: I edited some trash out of this photo.  Why in the world do people litter?)

My little goslings.

Apparently playing with one ward congregation wasn't enough because we also crashed a "birthday party" for our former Eagle Run ward.  Here's Talia getting her face painted by the multi-talented Sasha.

Sure do love you, my Ugly Duckling.  (Just in case anyone needs clarification, that's a joke.)

I truly think we ought to stop it right there, because really, how much more does a family need?  But our family apparently lacks moderation because partied yet again at "Dundee Days."  The kids got all decked out at the photo booth...

...and graciously volunteered me for a pie eating contest. 

I lost.  The girl in the Birks was hardcore, and probably would have given even Watermelon Kate a run for her money.

Of course, the best fun is close to home.  Our neighborhood park...

...and a game of Cities and Knights.
Life is Good!

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Callie said...

Love the picture drop! We dream of helping Eila have as many marvelous childhood experiences. Can’t wait to join your adventures in December!