Friday, September 04, 2015

Camping at Two Rivers

It's a cardinal rule in my life that you should never be behind in blogging two campouts at once. We're scheduled to go Labor Day camping this evening, which means that the time to post these pictures!  (Don't worry, there aren't too many.)

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to do a quick overnight campout at Two Rivers State park with the Kidd family, some friends from church.  Okay, okay.  Even if you're just staying overnight, there is nothing at all "quick" about a campout by the time you factor in the full day it takes to get ready beforehand and the two days it takes to clean up after.

Anyway, here's Kyle stoking the fire.  Kyle played football in college...

...while his wife Heather played volleyball.  Needless to say, our group had all ends of the height spectrum well covered!

From left to right we have Talia, E (11), W (3), and Brooklyn.

Meet Mr. M., their middle child who is Eli's age. 

Eli and M were great helpers setting up the tent.

This little tike looks like he's just about ready for bed!

Not before dinner, though!  As you can see, hot dog roasting is a fine art that requires extreme concentration (and apparently a furrowed brow.)

Saturday morning we had a great time playing in the flat Platte.  Here's Eli, getting ready to soak any unsuspecting passersby.

Annika spent most of her time playing closer to shore.

That's quite the growth you have on your knee, Jason!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and pose for one last picture.

Add in the Kidd's dog, Penney, and it was the perfect little campout.  Right?

Wrong!!!  Notice there's one little gal missing from this picture.  Annie was sleeping in the car, completely exhausted because she didn't go to sleep until way after midnight.  I'll spare you the horrific details, but let's just say that I'd be surprised if anyone in a quarter mile radius slept either.  I kind of blocked the whole ordeal from my memory until late yesterday night when it all came flooding back.  The inner dialogue: "Camping with Annie?  What are we thinking!"

 Pray for us.  We may need it.

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