Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Made in China

There's nothing quite as disappointing as opening your brand new Star Wars puzzle, only to discover that it's missing a piece.  When faced with such a scenario, Eli suggested that perhaps we could go to the store where we bought it and find out where the factory is so that we could drive there and have them make a new piece. 

Jason paused for a moment: "It says it's made in China."


Anonymous said...

Ah ... Eli's on to something. This is what the emerging 3D printer market is all about for consumers. When the "makerspace" digital library opens at 72d and Dodge, bring a photo of the missing piece to that location and "perhaps" you can get a new puzzle piece made. However, it will be all plastic, and probably will not have the appropriate coloring on top ... but Jason is very good at coloring. Keep smiling!

Callie said...

Road trip! (Though your vehicle will probably need to be amphibious).