Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's 2015

The last of the catch-up posts: Valentine's 2015.

We spent the morning at Crestridge Elementary helping with Valentine parties.  Here's Brooklyn passing out valentines in Ms. Vickers's classroom.

The girls got up extra early for some festive hairstyling.  (Super simple.)

Tying a blanket of love to be given to a refugee family.

Before long, Annika made her way to the center of the action.
In Talia's classroom, they were busy with some heart-healthy activites: Zumba!

Brooklyn's grade did Zumba in the gym.  (Can you spot Eli in the next three pictures?)

Such joy!

Is it just me, or is Brooklyn looking far too grown-up these days?

Back on the home front, the kids were adamant that we celebrate with Cupid's Crazy Cafe.  Menu choices were listed on our banner.  Would you like some Smoochin' or Squeezin' with that Lovin'?
Now for the true tale behind the glossy pictures.  I had a total melt-down at 4:30 pm because I hadn't planned our special dinner, nor did I have the time, motivation, or energy to figure it out.  Heck, I didn't even have a valentine's gift for my special someone!  I felt awful, like I was letting everyone down.  Fortunately, Jacobo's in South Omaha came to my rescue with their tamales and arroz.

In retrospect, it all worked out for the best.  Cupid's Crazy Cafe is inherently complicated since you have to encode every menu item and serve all the mixed up orders.  Taking away the stress of meal prep made the experience much more enjoyable.  Better yet, I turned over all the work of decorating to our little ones. 

Here's the table all decked out for dinner:

And here's the table we actually ate at.  Can you spot the difference?

Just to make the evening memorable, Annika decided to toss her cookies the moment we had her pulled up to the table.  (Quite ironic, since she almost never joins at the table, but is relegated to her own private corner where we are safe from her flying food missiles.)  Even though her mess looked remarkably similar to the refried beans, we decided that a change of tablecloth was in order.  As was a call to the babysitter cancelling our date night.

Since that time, we've all been taking turns suffering through this 24 hour bug.  What can I say?  Sharing is caring, and ours is a home full of love.

Hope you had a happy (and healthier) Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your fine photos and commentary Kara. This is an inspiring blog. I realize it may become tedious and overwhelming for you to maintain it at times ... but, the postings you make are ALWAYS welcomed and wonderful. ... And yes, Brooklyn, is looking, and acting, way too grown-up. However, she is 10 years old, imagine her at 15 or 20 ...and "keep smiling"!

Brittney Richards said...

What a coincidence. Zabien also tossed his cookies during our Valentines dinner, except we were at the Taj Mahal (a casino buffet) in New Jersey, but he managed to keep most of it on me and the floor. Needless to say, he suddenly found himself "hungry" again, and went back to the buffet line for more. Luckily, his was only a result of eating too quickly, then running around in circles. The episode was not repeated later. :)