Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day

Earlier this month we had a couple of snow days. Here's our home from the front:
Our amazing Papa Kay not only shoveled his own driveway, but then navigated the wintery roads to help us shovel ours too!
And the back.  No dining outside tonight.

Our Winter Wonderland.

Brooklyn makes a snow angel.

The following snow day we headed to NomiAnn and Papa Kay's house for some sledding fun in their backyard.  Their deck was just as snowy as ours.

Talia and Eli trekking up the hill.

Talia's friend Adelle came over with her awesome sled.  Here's her Mom, Metta, pushing the girls off on their adventure.

Talia, Adelle, and Brooklyn

Annika didn't join the others immediately, presumably because it takes approximately forever to get her all bundled up.

Trying out the snow.

Oh no!  She doesn't like it!

After so much work getting Annie Mae ready to face the elements, we weren't about to let her come inside immediately.  Instead, we passed her to Brooklyn so she would cheer up.

Annie loved sledding.

On a day this gorgeous, what's not to love?

Anybody know where Talia went?

Yup, that's Talia.  Standing on her head in the snow, just like it's the most normal thing ever.

I may not love the cold, but you have to admit that snow like this is pretty spectacular.  Magical, even.

Most magical of all are the smiles it brings.

A few steaming mugs of hot chocolate later, and it was quite certainly the perfect day.  Winter, now that you have pampered us with this delightful snowfall, the season feels complete.  Spring, you can make your appearance anytime now.

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Becca said...

so as soon as Jonathan saw the picture of Tahlia doing a headstand. he said "WHAT is that girl doing with her head in the snow?" it was pretty funny. He couldn't get over the fact her head was down in the snow!!!