Wednesday, February 18, 2015


And, the frantic blog-catch-up-fest continues.  (I guess this is an unexpected benefit of having the family quarantined at home with the stomach flu.)

Back in healthier days, our Brownie Girl Scout troop took an Art-tastic field trip to the Joslyn Art Museum.  (Absolutely free--a must-see should you ever decide to pass through Omaha.)  Most of the families hadn't been there in years and left feeling eager to come back soon.

After the art museum, we headed to Hot Shops, where Mr. Tim Barry gave us a terrific tour of the art studios.  Here he is working some clay--the girls were so intrigued!

Checking out an interactive sound sculpture in the back.  Hot Shops is another lesser-known Omaha treasure.

The field trip concluded with a tour of Jason's architecture office.  Overall, a great success, especially considering the fact that our original field trip got cancelled a few days ahead of time.

As for our immediate family, we headed back to the Joslyn much sooner than later in order to spend time in their new interactive ArtWorks room.  They have a great assortment of hands-on projects and displays that connect to the museum's collection.

Talia, hard at work with her beads.

Annika takes a close look at some flowers before coloring (as a prelude to the new Georgia O'Keefe exhibit.)

Eli sits down to sketch a still-life.

Last but not least, Brooklyn and Talia stand proudly in front of their finished creation.
I left feeling inspired to incorporate more art into our lives. How do you bring art into yours?

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