Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Catch-up Post #83--Fontanelle Forest

Do you see what I see?

It's Callie as a butterfly...

Annika as a frog...

NomiAnn as a turkey...

And Kestutis as a . . . girl!

Here we are all exploring Fontanelle Forest in Omaha, together.  I love how many of the exhibits change.  We've seen dinosaurs, giant bugs...this time we learned all about recycling.

Liepa and Brooklyn loved making music.

Talia entertained us by climbing like a monkey.

Looks like Talia and Liepa have something in mind with those giant sticks...

Focus, focus, focus!

Watch out, lumber coming through!

After an afternoon of fun play, we were all worn out--especially Callie.  :)

Sisters and a niece who all wish they could get together more often.

Thanks for another fun day, Papa Kay.
Keep smiling!

1 comment:

Julie L said...

Hahaha - ever considered hiring out that munchkin as a baby doll model?
Love the activities at the Forest. What a fun way to explore life!