Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Enterprise Work Picnic

I got a bit out of sync in playing summer photo catch up. You see, in the hours between moving out of our Long Island home and arriving in Vermont, we dared one more excursion. Jason had a work picnic that we managed to squeeze in, literally, on our way out of town. You should have seen my Mom navigate our overstuffed minivan right through the middle of Harlem. We knew all was as it was meant to be, however, when there was an empty parking space in front of Morningside Park. The true miracle of 34th street. (Okay, it was 110th, but you get the idea.)

There were lots of kids at the picnic, making Eli and the other munchkins very happy.

Most of us thought the ribs were delicious, but Annika preferred to eat her shoe instead.

This is Bomee and her son Altan.  Bomee was one of Jason's bosses in the Enterprise New York office.

I'm not quite sure who this little girl belongs to, but she's absolutely adorable.

This photo is of Leah, the significant other of one of the other fellows working in NY (Kelly.)  Leah is talking to Bill Frey, the original mastermind extraordinaire of the New York Enterprise office.

This is Tom Sahagian, one of Jason's coworkers.  Tom told us that if it parenting ever gets too challenging, he'd be happy to take Annie off our hands until she's at least eighteen.  Sorry Tom, she's a keeper!

And there you have it, a few of the great folks Jason worked with over the past six months.  It's true that Jason wasn't in Manhattan for a huge amount of time, but you could tell that he made a difference there.  So many people had positive things to share!  Now that he's home, I'm happy to report that he's really making a difference here too.  Sure love you, Peanut Butter!

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Susie said...

So nice to be able to put faces to the names we've heard.