Tuesday, September 03, 2013

King Jason and Princess Annie

The king has returned to his rightful throne!
Wonder of wonder, Jason is finally home for good.  He was welcomed to his court by adoring pages waving palm fronds (or at least construction paper fans), and given a royal scepter that bore a remarking resemblance to our broom handle.  I was appointed court jester.

With Jason back at home, life feels wonderfully back to normal.  Were it not for Annika, it might seem as if hardly any time had passed at all.  Bringing her back home after months away really marked the passage of time; I felt like I was introducing a stranger to our house.  Before we left, she was basically in that wriggling larva state where infants are oblivious to the entire world except their mama's chest.  As a seven month old, Annika is now aware of everything--and eager to shove it all in her mouth as well.

The family photo on our blog header was taken the day before Jason left for New York.  Here are some photos of what that bitty baby is up to now.

Solid food. We started Annie Mae on rice cereal back in July.  Since then we've added veggies (she likes green beans and peas) and a few fruits (she does not like smashed bananas).  Her absolute favorite?  Paper.  This crazy child devours any scrap left within her reach.  Long before we introduced cereal, she got her hands on a paper plate.  We looked back during one of our long drives and discovered the mangled plate in her car seat, soggy and ripped into pieces.  We weren't a hundred percent certain she'd swallowed any until the next day when the Dixie floral pattern reappeared in her diaper.

Smiles.  A rather social child, Annika engages family and strangers alike with her easy smiles.  During our recent flight back from New York, the flight attendant was so smitten by Annika that she asked if she could hold her.  For about twenty minutes she walked her up and down the center aisle, showing her off to anyone who cared.  It's hard to believe this happy babe is the same child who screamed uncontrollably on the plane in April.  Over the summer she became quite a good traveler; she had a lot of practice.

Sitting.  It's a good thing too, particularly considering the sad fate of the Bumbo.

Standing.  Okay, so she doesn't really stand on her own, but she definitely wants to.  I'd love it if she's a late walker, but I'm not sure that will be the case.  Darn.

Swimming.  This baby girl just LOVES the water--especially a warm bath.  As soon as you lay her down in the water, this silly grin spreads over her face and she starts pumping her arms and legs like crazy.  It's so amusing that everyone comes in to watch.  Bathtime is serious entertainment around here.

Slingin' It.  While I do admit that she's starting to outgrow it, Annika still spends quite a bit of time in her sling.  It's just so darn convenient.  Which brings me to my next point...

 Sparky.  Meet Sparky, the adorable shimapoo puppy on our block.  Do you think Annika looks like a dog?  Well, the lady at the library must have.  Annika was sleeping in her sling with only a tuft of hair sticking out when this stranger runs me down in the children's section.  As I turn around to find out what in the world she wants, she suddenly gasps.  "Oh!  I thought that was a yorkie!"  Pulling out photos of her own yorkie, she explains that she wants a sling like mine to carry her puppy and asks me if I bought mine at a pet store. 
 Obviously Library Lady wan't the sharpest tool in the shed, seeing as to how Annika is a child, not a dog.  Still, I guess you can see how she might get confused.
http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images23/YorkieYorkshireTerrierLiliDog5.jpg (Photo taken from dogbreedinfo.com)

Style.  Yes, our baby has style.  I can't believe how often she gets mistaken for a baby doll.  It happened three times in the airport as Brooklyn was pushing her in the stroller.  Her mop of hair and impish grim make us laugh until...

Sad Day!  Watch out--she pulls hair, and it hurts!  Annie Mae, leave Papa Kay alone.  You have enough hair of your own; no fair stealing his.

Notice that there is no picture for Sleeping, probably because Baby Annabelle's sleeping habits are positively atrocious.  Routines have been impossible over the past months, nor have I felt comfortable letting her cry much in other people's homes.  But seeing as to how children learn best from their parents' examples, I think I will (yawn) model some zzzzzs for this cute little one.

Annika, Annie Mae, Annabelle, Antsy (Eli's most recent appellation)--thank you for joining our family.  You're a blessing to us all. Sweet dreams.


Susie said...

All lovely pictures and a post that makes me smile! She IS rather precious and her eager smile is so fun to experience!

Anonymous said...

So glad all members of your family are back together full time. Very beautiful photos! Jason, be happy for the royal broom handle mace,I was usually assigned the plunger by your much younger wife. Keep Smiling!

Julie L said...

Hahaha, wonderful post! Glad Jason's back home with his adoring court! I love the photo of Annika standing. And still can't get over how many of these photos look like baby dolls, but never, ever like a puppy. Where did that ever come from????

Makinzee Loveridge said...

I can't get over her hair! (oh and welcome home Jason so glad you all survived that LONG vacation/work thing-y). Back to Annika, she looks so much older than she is bc of all that hair! So cute. Welcome back!

Jason said...

Swim soup!