Friday, April 26, 2013


You know how sometimes it's late and you know you should go to bed because if you don't you'll be tired and grumpy tomorrow but then it's already late so you're going to be tired anyway so then what does it matter if you stay up a little later?

Well, the upside is that you may end up with a post of pretty amusing pictures. Enjoy!

I find laundry to be exhausting. Apparently so do my children.

Dreaming of clean onesies.

Aww, so sweet. Just makes you wanna give her a squeeze.

Brooklyn and Talia decided to make their bedroom more cozy by adding a fireplace.

Jason, guess who's waiting for you to come home and play Legos?

Tonight at a church function, a quirky lady in her late seventies pointed to Annika and told her husband, "Say goodbye to Fluffy!" Normally I'd be offended...

...but you've gotta admit she has a point.

Now good night, y'all. I'm finally going to bed.


Crys said...

I want to squeeze fuzzy too :)

Anonymous said...

Everybody looks healthy and fine... Keep smiling!

Chou said...


Ben said...

Holy Cabbage patch doll!

Kristi said...

That is some of the best baby hair I've ever seen.