Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Since little Annie Mae refuses to be put down so that I can get chores done, I thought I'd record a few Eli-isms instead. I am positively fascinated by how kids learn languages, and wish I recorded the endearing constructions of their emerging language more often.

- "Water feels me better." For some reason, Eli has chosen water as his mechanism for self-comfort. Whenever he gets really upset and needs to calm down, he insists that water will "feel him better." Personally, it's chocolate that feels me better, but water is definitely the healthier choice.

- "Yesterday we go-nt to the store." I love this grammar! Instead of using the irregular past tense construction of "go", Eli combined "go" with the "nt" of "went." We've heard him use "go-ed" often (a pretty standard deviation for language learners), but "go-nt" is adorable.

- "I have a hedgie." Translation? I have a wedgie. Despite the mispronunciation, the accompanying body language always makes this phrase quite communicative.


Jason said...

No, there truly is no mistaking Mr. Eli's body language.

Julie L said...

I can imagine. What a cute little guy!

Susie said...

Ha, ha! Love it!

Bruce Richards said...

Water feels me better too! Whether it's a drink, a nice hot bath on a cold or sick day, or jumping in on a hot day.