Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still On the Go and a Visit from NomiAnn

It's been an entire month since this.
I like this picture I snagged from the professional photographer because it captures a piece of the joy that I felt (at least upon finishing.) I still feel so grateful that the training, race, and even recovery went so smoothly. My only complaint now is that it's all over. Far from burning me out, this marathon left me itching for more. I miss the motivation of working towards a specific goal, and look forward to the time when life's season and race training align once more.

Yet even though I may not be running as often, life certainly hasn't slowed down. Please bear with me as I use the next few posts to catch up a bit on all of our adventures over the past month.

Backing up from the marathon, my Mom came to visit for a week at the beginning of June. With Grandma around, we always discover new ways to have fun. For example, after running an errand in Gunlock one afternoon, we made an impromptu side trip to the Veyo pool.

Not only is the Veyo Pool scenic, but the natural spring-fed water is hardly chlorinated.

Talia (above) and Brooklyn (below) both agreed that the great swimming was worth the drive.

Other fun highlights of NomiAnn's visit included discovering the giant inflatables at Jumpin' Jacks and the Desert Rose Labyrinth at Kayenta.

Of course, we enjoyed ourselves most by simply staying home and being pampered by Grandma.

Talia loved her pretty toes!

Eli didn't want to miss out on the beauty pageant so he went and found himself a headband. You're gorgeous, little man!

We all felt grateful for the chance to catch up with Grandma before wanderlust snagged her off to Europe for three weeks.

Meanwhile, we've had plenty of adventures of our own, whether dodging rattlesnakes in Green Canyon, camping with seven kids six and under, catching a couple of kiwis in Zion, or daring dinosaurs en route to Nebraska. Stay tuned for more updates from the ever-up-and-moving Wheeler clan!


Jason said...

Great photos and great stories, Kara! Nice to see you all despite your being so far away at the moment. Can't wait to meet up again in a couple weeks...

Your H.B.o.O.

Julie L said...

So fun! I'm thinking Veyo is where we found a little cafe that served the best pies this side of St. George (of course, I don't think anything will beat that pie shop in St. George!). Do you know if it's still open? The pool looks wonderful. And great to have your Mom around. Can't wait to see you all!

Brittney Richards said...

What great photos. That's quite the background at the pool. Eli is still so adorable even though he's all grown up. All of your kids are adorable though. It's fun to see pictures.