Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Laughs

For the past three weeks our family has been in Omaha, Nebraska hanging out with my Mom, Dad, and sister. Despite the heat, we've had a fantastic time exploring the many great adventures Omaha has to offer. Even so, it's the funny things the kids say that bring us the most amusement.

Here are a few examples to share:

Late one evening, Callie brought a large bag of pretzel M&Ms into my room. The mystery? The bag was completely empty. The culprit? Our clandestine Talia. She actually had the gall to sneak into Callie's room and eat every last one! Needless to say, we immediately hid the gigantic bag of cinnamon bears that were being stored nearby. Unabashed about her crime, Talia came to us the next morning and asked: "Where did the sugar bears go?"

In a sweeter moment, Talia announced, "I'm hiking to the top of the High-ffel tower" as we trekked up the 70-foot observation tower at Mahoney State Park.

Brooklyn has been full of imagination as usual. One afternoon she made an impressive scroll assigning us our roles in the kingdom. At first she was hesitant to let me see. Only after reading her work did I understand why:
Brooklyn: Qween
Papa: King
Talia: prinses
Eli: prins
Nomi An: techer
Ant Kaly: kook
Mom: servint
Lovely. At least she's observant as to how things actually work around here.

Brooklyn's favorite part about Omaha has been the wide variety of food venues. As she was weighing out the pros and cons of day camp, I explained that if she stayed with us, we might do some fun things as a family such as go to the zoo or the Children's Museum. Brooklyn explained that was just fine as long as we didn't go to a restaurant without her.

Of course, considering her infatuation with macaroni and cheese, I guess Brooklyn's logic is reasonable. A couple of days ago she recalled the following experience: "I remembered that I went someplace and they refilled my mac and cheese! But I'm not sure if it was real or just a dream..."

As for Eli, he's learned a new word: "Zoe! Zoe! Zoe!" It's quite cute except for the fact that he chases the poor pug around, sticking his tongue out at her in the hope that she will lick back.

Very strange, but definitely worth a laugh!


Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Papa K is not the King, regardless of Brooklyn's list. He was really cast by a rather insistent "Little Red Riding Hood" as "The Big Bad Wolf." It was a production, never to be forgotten ... homemade ears, snout and all, "The better to hear and eat you with, my dear." Children are so refreshing -- they work with what they have on hand, in such an enthusiastic and creative way.

Chou said...

:) What else is there to say?