Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Barbie Birthday

It was just an ugly plastic Barbie. Cheaply made with a lolling head and garish clothes that were already falling apart, the Barbie princess package cost a whopping $12, including a separate tiara, necklace, wand, shoes, earrings, doll furniture, and five packages of candy.

As Talia held the Barbie out for her Grandma Susie, I knew that the doll was practically worthless in the eyes of the world. So why were my eyes wet?

"Happy Birthday, Grandma! You need a present. You can take this."

In that moment of sweet generosity, I understood Isaiah's words: a little child shall lead them.

You see, this doll was special. After many long months of trying, Talia successfully stopped sucking her thumb at the beginning of March, thanks to some unbelievably bitter Mavala fingernail polish. (This also put an end to the companion habit of putting the other hand down her shirt--hooray!) Anyway, as a reward Talia got to choose a very special toy. Even though the princess basket was obviously lacking in quality, she loved the Barbie so much that we were happy to indulge.

But, I guess she must love Grandma even more. Out of all the many toys she could have chosen, she selected her special Barbie to give.

Talia Lily, thank you so much for your generous spirit. And Grandma Susie, Happy Birthday!

P.S. The girls painted my pens with the nasty nail polish this evening. I guess they've figured out they're not the only ones with bad habits to break!


Julie L said...

Ahh, what a sweetheart! It sounds like you hosted a very fun week for both Grandma Susie and the great-grandparents! Can't wait to see the pictures from that.

Susie said...

It WAS a very touching moment. She is a sweetheart--so kind, thoughtful, and generous! She has good examples in her parents.

Brianna said...

What a great story. And it sounds like those cute girls of yours have payback figured out to a T! Miss you all.

Brittney Richards said...

Congratulations Talia. I bet it is a relief not having to worry about her sucking her thumb anymore.

candice said...

Hey, I just went to post on your newest bubble popping post (that i loved) and it disappeared!!! I could wait for it to magically re-appear to post on it, but I couldn't wait to tell you to check out Dixie Care and Share. They are FABULOUS---I volunteered there during my days in St.George (many many moons ago), I even taught a lifeskills class (at the wee young age of 19) to the residents. Obviously I have no idea how it is currently being run, but if it is still managed by Ralph, it is in good hands, and you will have a great experience. They have an entire smorgasbord of volunteer activities, many of which I'm sure your girls can participate as well. If I'm not mistaken there is also a battered women's shelter there. Also a great place to lend a hand, and plan RS activities around, your girls could also make the children cards and do care packages for the mothers that live there. Community service is soooooooo easy to do, if you can find the time, because no matter how much you do big or small, they are always sooooo grateful to receive it, and any and every idea is a good one. best of luck, i'll look for the post to magically re-appear :)