Thursday, October 07, 2010

It's Always Fun When (Fill-in-the-Blank) Comes

When I began uploading pictures for this post many weeks ago, I intended to title it, "It's Always Fun when Grandma Comes" in honor of Susie's visit in mid-September. Since then, however, we've had fabulous visits from other friends and family, so we'll share the glory with all who've generously stopped by. We're excited to live in an area that many consider to be a destination hot spot (no pun intended), so anytime you want to check out the red rock, head our way!

Without further ado, here's a photo journey of our trip to Zion National Park with Susie. Here's Grandma with a grand smile, riding the shuttle.

This winning smile has spread through the generations.

We had a splashingly fun time hiking right through the middle of the Virgin River.

Of course, we had to trek to the river's edge first. Not a cloud in the sky, but tut, tut, looks like rain!

We also battled the most brazen squirrels imagineable. These pesky critters jumped right on top of our backpacks in search of snacks.

Whatcha got in your hand? Can I have some?

We probably seemed a bit overprotective having our girls in life jackets while blazing our way through the shallow waters of the Narrows, but Talia stepped out into the faster moving current last time and nearly got swept away. She felt much safer with a life vest, and I felt much calmer.

Brooklyn, on the other hand, lost her enthusiasm after a while. While she initially dived right in, yelling "I'm Bruce!" in memory of his polar plunge, the frigid water eventually took the fun away.

Safe and snug on Daddy's back, Eli had the easiest voyage of all--even if it did leave him tuckered out.

Not long after Susie's stay, we enjoyed a great visit from our Rhode Island friends James and Laura. Best of all, they brought their vibrant son Baxter. While we had a fantastic time exploring the sand dunes of Snow Canyon, sand and cameras don't mix. So, here's a fun picture of Baxter playing the guitar with James. I tell you, this kid is gonna be famous someday. Of course, what else would expect from a two year-old who knows Jimi Hendrix by name?

And, if visits from Grandma are fun, visits from Grandpa are likewise great.

Charles came down with Susie for General Conference weekend. Listening to the Saturday afternoon session from the serenity of Pine Valley was terrific. I hope the tradition continues. Here's Susie, pointing Eli toward heaven--or is it vice versa?

A quick pic of my dashing darling.

He must get the good looks from his Dad.

I'm not sure Talia gleaned much from the conference talks, but the Nutella certainly stuck with her.


Man shall not live by bread alone--but it sure is divine when you can combine your spiritual feast with an earthly one.

Sassy yet sweet.

Father and Son.

Yes, it's always fun when fill-in-the-blank comes.


Crys said...

Fun pictures. I love the "I am Bruce," comment! Cracks me up.

Susie said...

What a great time we had! Thanks for the picture tour. (And for the fun weekend. Looking forward to the next one!)

Chou said...

It's almost like being there!!!

Julie L said...

Oh, fun! Look how Eli is growing, and I have not seen him yet! That is absolutely pathetic! I love Susie's smile, and Jason's and have to admit this is the first time I've seen how they get it from each other. And Christy, and Lance and Justin, and your's too. Wow! It runs in the family! (Yeah, I know, there's a lot of Charles in that smile as well. I admit.)

And Pine Valley is such an awesome location. What a great idea to go there for Conference!

Bruce Richards said...

Glad to see I left an impression on your kids.