Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loving Licks

This Christmas we received many wonderful gifts, including an absolutely fantastic digital camcorder that lets us chronicle the lives of our little-ones. (Just in case the thousands of pictures are not enough...) While we're still learning how to use it, we thought we'd share a couple videos featuring Eli and his cousin Zoe.

In real life:

The memory:

Thanks, NomiAnn and Papa Kay for the fabulous gift, and thanks Callie and Adam for the fabulous pup!


Anonymous said...

Very cute indeed. Thanks for making use of the camcorder Kara. The clips load quickly and work well on my computers. Oh, ... and keep smiling!

The Favorite said...

Fun videos- that Eli is so sweet.
(Kate has the same flower bed sheets too)
I love the stuffed animal dog, and apparently so does he :)

Tanja said...

You really seem to miss France ... I came to this conclusion when I was listening to the French music while watching Eli :) He is way cute!!!

Callie said...

Zoe the Pug LOVED watching the videos...but she got a little jealous of Baby Zoe. She misses her love sessions! We had so much fun kid/puppy wrangling with you.