Saturday, January 16, 2010


As further recrimination for Brooklyn's confession that she loves her Dad more, I decided not to edit this video of her singing a French song, "Vent Frais, Vent du Matin." It's actually the song that never ends, but we thought we'd only burden you with one cycle.

And here's the more familiar, "Frère Jacques." In all of these songs she gets the words a bit mixed up, but I find it rather endearing.

Last but not least, here are Brooklyn and Talia singing the classic "Sur la Pont d'Avignon." Sorry it's so long, but I figure it's those who are missing them who will really be interested in all of these family home videos anyway.

Happy singing!


Anonymous said...

More nice videos! ... and you ARE loved as "Mommy" by the way ... Love isn't something that can be measured or compared (I guess that is why 5 year-olds try to make such comparisons anyway). I also note that you start your "quiet time" very early in the morning ... posting your last two entries very early. Thank you, but be sure to get your rest too. Bye, Bye & Keep Smiling!

Mom L said...

Videos are little miracles in my book. How fun to see that they are keeping up with their French!

Susie said...

Thank you, thank you! How fun. It's so nice you were able to finally capture their singing on video as it didn't work when they were here this summer.