Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today was Brooklyn's birthday. We are so proud of our bright, sensitive five year-old. We celebrated the occasion with a terrific space party--pictures coming soon. :)

Tonight, however, I would like to post a note of thanks, not to Brooklyn, but to her father. While Jason is always fabulous, his golden side shines brightest when times are toughest. Earlier this week, I lost his wallet. We had taken the girls to see Annie at the Assembly Hall, and I borrowed it to buy popcorn during intermission. When I went to return it to him an hour later, it was gone.

Jason had every right to be angry, frustrated, and grumpy with me. Instead, however, he was generous, forgiving, and charitable. His loving attitude was particularly amazing considering the fact that he was right in the midst of his most intense week of the semester. He'd only slept a few hours in the days preceding, and his biggest submission was due the next morning. Not only had I lost a bit of cash and all of his credit cards, but I'd lost the student ID that allows him to get into his studio on perhaps the most critical night of the semester.

And still, he smiled. Instead of falling apart himself, he put his arms around my shoulders and kept my tears from falling.

We never found the wallet. I feel sad that someone would either pickpocket or lack the integrity to turn in a wallet that had been dropped. It will be a pain and a hassle to replace everything (not to mention expensive.) Yet despite the financial and emotional cost, the lesson that I learned about my husband's character is priceless.


Tanja said...

Happy Birthday to Brooklyn!!! I cannot believe it - 5 years since the afternoon I first held her at the hospital. She was beautiful then and she is wonderful now.
I am sorry to hear about the wallet - I hope that Jason was able to take his test? and pass?
I hope that everything will calm down now and that you can enjoy the season. May the Lord bless you.

Jackie said...

First off, Happy Birthday Brooklyn!! Wow, I remember her as an itty bitty and she is growing fast!
And thanks for sharing the wallet story - I probably would have lost it and so his attitude is a good wake up call for me! Best of luck to you in recovering all of that!

Jenika said...

What a sweet post.

Sorry for sneaking up on you - I saw on your Christmas letter that you have a blog and I decided to take a peek. You are a fantastic writer!!

Three cheers for kind, sensitive husbands. I hope your husband's week went well.

Susie said...

I hadn't realized I'd missed this blog until today so didn't know about this misfortune until a couple of days ago. It's nice to read about it in its entirety. Thanks for the warm fuzzies!