Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Five Going On Fifteen

It's only been a whopping seven days since we last posted, and yet there is so much news to catch up on. Before we torture you with the obligatory Christmas photo log, I just had to show you our latest news:

She's done it again. Chopped her hair. This afternoon Brooklyn had her very first salon cut--priced for free since she donated her gorgeous mane to Locks of Love. While we are all suffering from scissor shock, I suppose she looks kinda cute--if you can handle five going on fifteen... Now I may have to get my hair cut too, just to keep up with my stylin' daughter.


Susie said...

Hey, Brooklyn! That's the same style I'm starting to do my hair in! Mine has to grow into it, however, so it'll take a little more time. Looks darling!

Brianna said...

Wow, she is looking so grown up. Very cute.