Monday, June 01, 2009

Mighty Waters

At this moment, my father (the anonymous) is flying somewhere over the Atlantic as he treks his way to the good ol' USA. Taking him to the airport this morning was a bittersweet experience. While I was glad that we will see each other again soon, I felt kind of sad to realize how quickly we will be leaving Lyon ourselves. It's hard to believe that we have only one month left!

In honor of the mighty waters that my Dad is currently crossing, here are some pictures of us playing in the water during our Barcelona vacation:

Talia and Papa Kay happily make their way to the beach near our Bungalow.

Brrrr!!! The water was freezing! Only Jason was brave enough to dive in the first day.

While it may not have been balmy enough to brave the waves, it was perfect weather for kite flying!

Our little model Talia points to her kite in the sky.

Here's Brooklyn, matching her Barbie kite with her blond hair and purple suit. Personally, I think Barbie would be much cuter with full cheeks and squinting eyes. :)

Talia preferred to hang out with Elmo.

Brooklyn gets an up-close experience with the Mediterranean sand.

Talia Lily decides to join her sister.

Lance and Jason, the excellent excavators, join the girls for a photo op.

Jason protects his daughters from a passing tractor--sure glad they were safe!

Papa Kay joins in the burial fun while Talia trods on top.

The ocean waves take the challenge of skipping rocks to a whole new level.

Meanwhile, Lance enjoys the sunshine.

Even Kara can't wipe the silly grin off her face at the beach.

These are the times to remember!


Mom L said...

Love them! Never thought of the Mediterranean as being cold,though. Can't wait for you all to be back in the states, but I know you're going to miss Lyon. What an awesome experience!

Bruce Richards said...

Fun pictures! Some day I'll be able to go to the beach in Spain. I'm glad you had a good time and took lots of pictures.

Brianna said...

How fun. The girls looked so funny/cute with only their heads poking up.

Susie said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us!