Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today is my last full day in Lyon, and lucky me, I get to spend it escorting ENS-LSH applicants from one room to the next. It's an intense process--the candidates draw a subject from a box, spend one hour preparing their comments, then present their remarks before a jury for the next half hour. I'm glad that the hardest thing I have to do is hold their cell phones if they need a potty break.

It just so happens that the public transportation went on strike today as well, so I had to bike to work. At first I was pretty grumpy about the extra physical effort, but the ride along the river was so beautiful that I ultimately felt grateful. In a way, it was a nice farewell tribute to the city and its wonderful bridges.

I suppose that we will soon be bridging as well. While the body of water we will cross is a bit bigger than the Rhone, we're still anxious to see what (and who) is on the other side.


jennyb said...

We wish you safe travels home!

Hope we were going to be around to welcome you back and help you move in, but we are leaving in a few hours. We did leave you a message on your dishwasher though :)

Jackie said...

I can't believe it is time for you to come back already!!! I'm so excited we will get to see you again! Hope the trip back goes okay!