Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tongue in Cheek

The Setting: Sunday night family dinner.

Brooklyn (Breaking out into tears): I bit my tongue! Mommy, you have to kiss it.
Sticks out tongue--which happens to be covered in spaghetti bits.
Mom: I'm not kissing that.
Stunned silence.
Brooklyn (Panicked): But what are we gonna do? If you don't, it won't get better!!

I love how the problem is a collective one. I guess she understands that if she's not happy, Mommy's probably not happy either.


Brianna said...

I can totally picture the whole scene. Love it!

runnermonkey said...

Haha! Oh man, that is funny. Sounds like kids are never ending sources of entertainment.

ben said...

Band-aid. Definitely no kiss though.

Megan Ficek said...

Hello Wheelers,
I just want you to know that although I haven't been writing, I do check in with you on your blog. I love reading about your adventures, especially your fun mommy moments...because Evie does some of the same things! I haven't yet been asked to kiss a food-covered tongue, but when it happens, I will be comforted that Brooklyn set a precedent. :)