Thursday, November 06, 2008

Post #30: "Binky" in the Pocket

This morning Brooklyn had a request before going to school:

Mommy, can you write binky on a piece of paper in French and put it in my pocket so that I can tell my teachers what I want?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I just gave her a giant hug instead.

Despite Brooklyn's enthusiastic start, school has been a bit hard at times, as would be expected given the language barrier. School for the little ones here in France is long--from 8:30 to 4:30 with a lunch break in between. When we first put Brooklyn in school, we talked with the director about enrolling her for a half day instead. The director said that while nobody could force us to bring Brooklyn back after lunch, it would be best if she came for the entire time. And thus, we obediently followed her advice.

Even so, I felt sick inside when I picked Brooklyn up the first day and overheard two parents greeting each other with "Bon soir"--Good evening. Granted, "evening" begins earlier here, but I still felt something was amiss in picking up my three year-old with the day already gone.

Well, a full-day was too much for Brooklyn. The transition to French, school, and an obligatory naptime without a binky was positively traumatic. And thus, as parents, Jason and I learned to trust our instincts and do what we feel is best for our child instead of what others tell us is best. Brooklyn is now going to school for half-days and adapting well, even if she still craves a binky occasionally.

Happily, school is helping to accomplish what we'd really dreamed of for our little girl--Brooklyn has a friend. :)


Kes LT said...

Great picture!

chou said...

Hooray! She's even flesh and blood. :)

Brian and Tonya said...

Oh, I'm so happy she found a friend. You are such great parents and I love reading about your adventures in France. It's been an insperation to see the Lord bless you through your journey.

<3 Jason's little cous. :)

Tanja said...

Hello - I know where one little pink "Schnuller" is -- you forgot it in the bathroom and now I put it into my bedside drawer - as a memory or your two great adorable daughters :) Have a great weekend!

Kristin said...

Yeah for Brooklyn's friend! She is so darn cute...who wouldn't want to be her friend?