Monday, May 12, 2008

Dog, You're Driving Me Crazy!

So today at lunch Brooklyn left the table, pulled a chair up to the cupboard, got out a straw, and started to "drink" her tomato soup. Initially, I decided to overlook this creative eating style, since she was at least ingesting her food. That is, until she started to load up her straw with tomato soup and blow it all over the table. After being reprimanded for her less-than-desirable table manners, Brooklyn looked me in the eye and exclaimed, "You're driving me CRAZY!"

My conversations with Talia, on the other hand, are a bit less profound. Lately they consist of her new favorite word--dog. We went to the Columbus Zoo on Friday and saw the squirrel-dogs, the duck-dogs, the monkey-dogs, the elephant-dogs, even the manatee-dogs! Nothing, however, elicits quite the same squeal of delight as the real McCoy. I know because we put Homeward Bound on the DVD player during the long drive home. For two straight hours Talia pointed, shrieked, and shouted "Dog! Dog! Dog!" I guess we know who the future vet in the family will be.


Mrs. M said...

I love it! Our kids would have so much fun together if we were ever in the same place.

The Favorite said...

That makes me laugh- A LOT! I don't know how you could drive anyone crazy. I'm glad to hear you had a fun visit and all is well. We sure love you all!