Friday, May 30, 2008

Blooming Spring

Jason here, posting a few pictures from our latest forays into spring. And to Kara, lots and lots of love... putting a few pictures up here is a lot harder than it looks. Thanks for always keeping our families up-to-date with the blog :)

Brooklyn and I check out the "Big Boy", the largest steam engine ever built (as evidenced by the fact that I was only able to fit a few of its rivets in the picture...)

Kay, Cathy, and Kara keep an eye on the two runaway trains.

Brooklyn, Talia, and Rabbit. A great trio. That is until Rabbit tried to eat Talia's blanky.

Once safely away from the Rabbit, Little Miss Talia proudly displays her security blanket.

Kara tries to teach Talia to blow bubbles, as opposed to eating them.

Kay is a little more successful in training Brooklyn in the fine art of bubble blowing.

Kara relives childhood memories of playing in old refrigerator boxes while visiting the "kid-structures" exhibit at Omaha's Botanical Gardens. The exhibit had quite a few different play structures designed and built by local architects and contractors, and most of them were appealing to both kids and adults alike. As might be expected from a bunch of self-aggrandizing architects, the written descriptions on the signs were a wee-bit stuffy.

Upon returning to Illinois, we were pleased to find our own botanical garden doing quite well, despite, or perhaps because of, a week and a half of neglect.

Our Iris plants are doing particularly well, with lots of thanks to Karen Clark from Omaha who gave us the offshoots when we first moved in nearly three years ago. The first two bloomings were no where near as spectacular as this one has been--like all things worth having, beautiful plants take time.


Kara said...

Wow, what a beautiful post honey! Thanks so much... I love ya. :)

runnermonkey said...

Sweet pics, hermano. I remember having a blast playing with washer and dryer boxes that dad brought home as kids. I swear they are the best and cheapest form of entertainment...except maybe silly putty.