Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Trying out Technology

As part of my course in Computer-Mediated Communication, I recently had to make a movie. (I also was required to post it somewhere. That explains why you are being tortured with this.) While you may be impressed with my slow-motion acting ability, Jason is truly the star. He was kind enough to let me record a wonderful paper he recently wrote about technology and how it is changing our perceptions of reality. If you'd like to read part of it, you can click here.

Warning: this was definitely an amateur production! Fortunately, in the process I've learned a lot about podcasting, so if you stay tuned, you may find cuter (and shorter) videos of our girls in the future. That assumes, of course, that I survive my comprehensive exams over the next couple weeks....a very big assumption!


Brittney Richards said...

Kara! Wow! I know a star! That's great. I must admit that Jason's second introduction was much more exciting than the first. Keep up the good work, and good luck on your exams.

Brittney Richards said...

Oh yeah! By the way. I did watch the whole thing. The beginning was much more exciting than the end, but the quality of the content was over the top! It does make you stop and think about technology!
Thanks for sharing

Jessica Bybee said...

Mike and I think that was very interesting! Some things I have never thought of and a reason to limit our children's time on the computer, tv, and other technological items and get them outside! thanks!

runnermonkey said...

Nice shout out to C-town! Jason, you were meant for the big screen. The camera loves you.

Anonymous said...

OK, OK ... I actually watched and listened to all 12+ minutes of your "Trying out Tech" video. It was a rewarding 12 minutes. Yes, I did see that you posted photos into the video sequence. You will be happy to know that I essentially stayed awake for the entire performance. I'm still perplexed at Jason's 6' 4" height but I can believe his 110 lb weight (sortof)... Jason, your paper is thoughtful and in my view accurate on many levels. ... Keep Smiling. Oh, and best wishes on your exams ... Bye, Bye

The Favorite said...

THAT WAS AWESOME! Brooklyn you are very smart. All our kids loved watching it over and over.