Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Sweet Little Binky

Yesterday our family was driving home when Brooklyn composed the following sonnet to her sweetheart. Here's an honest-to-goodness literal transcription:

Where's my sweet little binky?
She's lonely.
She needs me.
I love her.
I want to suck her thumb.
Oh, my sweet little binky!

It's amazing the passionate inspiration that a piece of plastic can inspire in a three year-old.


Anonymous said...

Bye the way... I found two binkys in the pockets of the purple coat Cathy brought home to wash. One had a clipped tip ... the other is intact.

Keep Smiling!
-WashinMachine (aka "Papa K.")

runnermonkey said...

Brilliance! She is on the fast track to a Pulitzer.

Brianna said...

She is a born poet! I just laughed REALLY hard when I read her sonnet of love. We miss you guys!