Friday, May 12, 2017

Mark it Off: March

Are you curious to learn how we finished out the March?  Probably not, but I'm gonna share these pictures anyway because then I can move onto April when things got super hairy just a few hours into the month.

Even though the weather never got super warm, Annika decided that it was time to pull out her old swimsuit and fill the kiddie pool.  Gonna take awhile with that watering can!

We went to the Leonardo during Brain Awareness week where we enjoyed snacks, made oobleck...

...and held a human brain.

The neuroscience student volunteers did an admirable job with their in-depth explanations, both answering and posing questions to encourage reflection.  You'll be glad to know that the brains were handled with care and respect instead of casually passed from person to person.

Out of doors, the kids and I spent a Friday afternoon at Red Butte Gardens.  With so many navigators, there was no fear of getting lost.

The daffodils were just beginning to appear, and my--did this magnolia smell magnificent!

March found us playing at parks...

...and with our friends.  Annika and this adorable redhead Lizzie have a playdate every Wednesday.

Spring blossoms make my heart sing.  These gorgeous trees live in the cemetery just down the street from our home.

Talia takes a peaceful moment to reflect.

Daddy Jason turned 37 in March.  Given our busy schedule for the day, the poor man didn't get spoiled at all.  He even made his own birthday cake!

Instead, the womenfolk abandoned him on the 25th.  Susie, Talia, Brooklyn, and I all headed Temple Square to attend Women's Conference.

It was marvelous to be there in person.  We felt so grateful Susie was able to get tickets, especially since we've had several disappointing experiences with the standby line.

Emerson's annual art show was another highlight for the month.

Eli was particularly excited to show us the dinosaur he made.  He's looking mighty dapper all dressed up for his class performance in the talent show.

Our little man is growing up fast, although every once in a while he prefers to be the baby.
And there you have it. March. It went out like a lamb; now wait 'til you see how April came roaring in like a lion.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... I think all animate brains should be handled with care. However, it is a questionable assumption that everyone has a functional brain; especially those who live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C. -- Now, now, be nice. Reputable studies find an inverse relationship between high performing brains and the number of tweets posted per week [and that dear reader is an example of harmless "fake news"].

Susie said...

At first glance I thought the brains were just models! Wow! It looks like March just marched on by without pausing. Glad you are finding that Salt Lake has so much to offer!