Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas Cards

Merry Belated Christmas! We hope everyone had a holiday filled with peace, family, and the chance to reflect on the gift of Jesus Christ in our lives.  We had a lovely Christmas overflowing with all of the above, to which we unfortunately added a hefty dose of illness.  Even though this miserable flu cut our visit to Hyde Park a bit short (we are trying to spare anyone who has not yet been infected), the one advantage is that I am now back home in my jammies with every intention of letting the kids watch movies as I stay in bed all day.  Perfect time to catch up on the blog in between naps and mugs of herb tea.

So, Christmas cards!  I have to confess...even though I love touching base with the family and friends we dearly miss, Christmas cards totally stress me out.  The season is already so busy that each year I try to justify sending out cards for something like Pi Day instead.  The tradition is so ingrained that it will probably never happen, but I can keep dreaming. In the meantime, this year we tried to make things a bit easier by starting early and taking pictures over Halloween.  Many thanks to Charles and Susie for being our photographers (and letting us into the Logan Temple grounds.)

Here are some fun shots that didn't make it onto the card.  Jason, are you leaning?

When did my littles grow so big?

Talia has a question.

And some bloopers.  Keeping Annika in the frame was definitely a challenge.  Here she is launching into a sommersault.

Check out the far left of this picture for evidence of her antics.

In the end, we opted for a jumping picture.  Check out Jason's face in this one!  (He might need a squatty potty.)

Annika's got hops.

And our keeper, slightly blurry faces and all.

Let's not forget our annual Christmas cartoon/letter.  You've outdone yourself in every wonderful way, Peanut Butter.

There's always a bit of friendly tension between my desire to keep things simple and Jason's desire for artistic expression.  As you can see, he won the battle...this year.  :)  Don't we all wish we had such talent?

In the spirit of Dicken's Christmas Carol, we almost sent out a triptych instead with photos of Christmas homes past, present, and future.

Dearly Missed:

Currently Loved:

Coming Soon:

Here's to a 2017 that involves far less moving!


Crys said...

That house looks awesome! Merry Christmas Wheelers!

Anonymous said...

Yes -- A continued Merry Christmas wish for all of you! Your photos are excellent, and your three houses are terrific. A final holiday joke, "How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?" – Nothing; it was on the house. (BTW ... it is going to be a real challenge for Santa to keep his sleigh on the steep pitched roof of your Virginia St. house next Christmas. However, he does have a fireplace to use). Keep Smiling!