Wednesday, December 07, 2016

At long last--Halloween

I'm really looking forward to sharing these Halloween photos, if for no other reason than then I will only be one month behind.

Here's the school Halloween parade with Crookshanks, Harry Potter (in coke bottle glasses), and the royal Queen.

That evening we headed to our neighborhood Wasatch Elementary to crash their Halloween celebration.  Harry found his normal glasses, Crookshanks swapped places with Anakin Skywalker, plus Snow White joined us.

Individual shots:

On Saturday we headed up to Hyde Park to hear Grandma Susie perform with the American Festival Chorus at the Ellen Eccles Theater.  Their Halloween Spooktacular was even better than expected--and we knew it would be outstanding.

We also headed over to the Suisse's to pick some pumpkins from their personal pumpkin patch.  Annika hitched a ride in the wheelbarrow on the way over.

Thanks, Grandpa Charles!

Here we are with Dave Suisse and his goats.  Since they were headed back to Lithuania for a second mission in a couple weeks, we were welcome to raid their garden.

Picking out the perfect pumpkins.  Isn't Cache Valley stunning?

Annie found a keeper.

Taking a break to talk to the goats.

Wow, Talia!  That's one monster zucchini.

Grandpa Charles helps Eli find an excellent specimen for carving.

Brooklyn examines our collection.

All in all, a bountiful harvest.

The weather was so gorgeous that we set up pumpkin carving in the backyard.

Looks like Talia might be sporting some remnants of Harry Potter.

Eli enjoyed the bridge across the canal.

While she may miss the trees, Grandma Susie looks pretty happy to have her backyard filled with grandkids.

Here's Grandpa Charles helping with some of the carving details.

As for Talia, she carved her pumpkin with a power drill.  :)

And the final results:

Well-done!  My favorite pumpkins of the season.

Only one day of celebration left--Monday night trick or treating.  We kicked off the celebration with a pizza party at Asher and Nate's home

 As for Snow White, she morphed into a beautiful butterfly.

Whether it's Halloween, Hanukkah, or Christmas, I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday season.

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