Friday, October 14, 2016

The Smartest Honey

You don't need a reason to go to the library.  After all, there is an endless supply of books...

...not to mention happy nooks.

There's a cool rooftop garden...

...and fountain for splashing.

Did I mention books?  (Yes, but it merits repeating.)


Just in case you did need a reason to visit the library, this one is pretty sweet.

The library harvests honey from the bees that live on the roof.  One Saturday morning, we met the beekeeper and sampled some honey right off the comb, wax and all.
Now that's some smart honey.

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Anonymous said...

There are lots of reasons that a busy beehive in a protected outdoor environment connected to the Salt Lake City library make sense. Utah is aptly nicknamed the beehive state, our Mormon pioneer ancestors were absolutely industrious, and the sweet/sappy "Once I was a Beehive DVD" is a favorite Wheeler family movie (smile).