Saturday, October 29, 2016

Meet Omy

So, you might recall that our 2002 Honda Odyssey broke down during our move to Salt Lake.  The silver one, that is--it's important to clarify since we also own a gold 2002 Honda Odyssey.  Weird, I know, but hey, they're pretty great cars.  Generally reliable too, at least up until 250,000 miles.

After a brief test drive to make certain that our silver van was really dead (it was), we headed to CarMax and bought--you guessed it--another Odyssey.  Our white Omy (pronounced O-mee) was born in 2008, has just over 60,000 miles, and a sun roof.  I must say, our family feels pretty pampered traveling around in a vehicle that doesn't feel like it's about to fall to pieces at 60 mph.

While Jason and I were filling out paperwork, the kids played.  When it was time to pick them up, we couldn't find Brooklyn.

There she is!

To celebrate our new acquisition, we drove up Cottonwood Canyon for some hiking.

After hiking for less than five minutes, we spotted this big guy just a few feet off the trail.  This rattler was just as big as it looks, and in no hurry to scoot away.  Believe you me, we had no trouble convincing the kids to stay on the path after this encounter!

Fortunately, the mountain beauty quickly helped us forget our terror.

Eli sure looks happy!  Good thing too, since we came back the very next weekend for his birthday.  (More on that later.)

Jason looks like he's in his element.

Perfect moment.

On Sunday afternoon we took Omy out to Midway for another test drive and found the perfect park to get out and stretch our legs.

Eli flying high...

Talia hanging low...

...and Annika shuffling straight.

A reliable car, a wonderful family, amazing weather, and fun books to browse.
My Omy, life is good.

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