Thursday, August 04, 2016

Just Cuz

Okey dokey, folks.  I totally want to catch up, but I'm also totally tired so I need an easy one tonight.   Just cuz.  

West Coast Cuz:
Here we have Annika and Eila playing with the bubbles at the Children's Museum.

So soapy!

Our kiwis are awfully cute.

Eila wasn't quite sure what to think about the ball pit.  She enjoyed it best from a distance.

East Coast Cuz:
Just hours before flying home, Alesia went with us to the St. Vincent DePaul Super Thrift Store.  While it may not have been as cool as the Long Island version, we still managed to pull together a pretty nifty pioneer costume for Eli for just a few bucks.

'Cuz It's Hot
There is an adorable kiddie pool just down the street from our old house in Hanscom Park.  So fun!  My only regret is not swimming there more often.  If only I'd known they'd changed admission to a dollar.

Even Eila took a turn splashing.

'Cuz she's cute
Enough said.

'Cuz she begged
 After a significant amount of pleading, I took Brooklyn on a Mommy-Daughter date to see MacBeth at Shakespeare on the Green.  Here are the madrigals performing beforehand.

The performance was great; my sister's close friend, Sarah Carlson-Brown, made a great Lady MacBeth.  Still, the best part was spending some special one-on-one time with my daughter.

And now it's off to bed.  Just cuz.

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Anonymous said...

More terrific photos and memory boosters Milkweed! Thank you! Come back anytime to swim at the Hanscom Park pool. I suspect SLC also has a wonderful Children's Museum ... I sure hope so, there are plenty of children there. Seeing photos of Annie and Eila playing in the bubble tank at the museum brings a smile to my face. Their matching kiwi dresses are really COOL. That said, "you don't look so HOT yourself!" (With apologies to Yogi Berra who was the source of this lame joke)... bye, bye and keep smiling!