Friday, August 26, 2016

Days of '16

While we've liked July 24th just fine in the past, now that we've moved to Utah, Pioneer Day is certain to become a favorite.  (This is particularly the case since Jason gets the day off work--hooray!)  Even the Catholic church around the corner joins in the fun by hosting its own "Pie and Beer Day" celebration.  This Pioneer Day, Grandma Susie came down from Hyde Park to watch Salt Lake's "Days of '47" parade with us. We definitely related to these handcarts.

One of Grandma Susie's cousins helped design this fun Lake Powell float.

As for myself, I thought the motorcycle choreography was pretty amazing.

The pavement was blistering hot, but a kind family nearby let us borrow a blanket to sit on.

This summertime Santa sure knows how to travel!

Talia looks so grown-up and mature.

Oh wait, ix-nay on that mature part.  What a terrifying pic!  Notice the gaping whole where her tooth just came out.

Onto more serene surroundings, we went hiking at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon near Camp Cloud Rim following the parade.  It's beautiful up there, although the trail was laced with a tinge of remorse for not making it to camp this year. We'll try again next year, right Brooklyn?

Here's Grandma Susie with Eli.

Before long, we'd made it to Bloods Lake, which fortunately is absolutely nothing like its name.

Eli says "Brrr!  That water's chilly."

Talia seems to be pondering whether or not to hop in.

Hey, that's one handsome fella!  I should marry him.

Skies change quickly in the mountains, so we didn't hang out for long once it seemed like a storm might roll in.  Here we are on our way back home.

Alpine scrambling.

Oops!  Eli may have fallen on his nalgas. (Someday he will hate me for posting this, and rightfully so.)

Thanks, Grandma Susie, for sharing such a lovely hike with us.

Glad to be close enough to do it again soon!

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